Tune in, drop out.

Disconnect from your phone and plug into nature instead. We designed our Outdoor 2022 Collection to be more satisfying than any scroll.

The Kezia Collection

With the ability to create multiple configurations, this modular outdoor living set lets you keep up with the occasion. Spontaneity is the spice of life.

The Marol Collection

From the endless Hampton horizon to the sprawling Santa-Monica shoreline, this solid wood dining set extends the warmest of invitations.
Marol Dining Table & Chairs
Marol Dining Table

Explore Outdoor Dining

Solid wood craftsmanship and tons of sizes to choose from — these outdoor dining sets are the perfect excuse to host brunches in bunches.

Let the summer bundling begin.

Don’t worry, these designer-curated Bundles are all about warm weather not warm clothes. Shop Outdoor Bundles

The Neuhove Dining Table

You may find yourself tracing a finger along its rich, textured woodgrains. Just go with it. This solid acacia isn’t shy.
Neuhove Dining Table, Elan Dining Chairs
Neuhove Dining Table, Elan Dining Chairs
Lubek Dining Table & Bench
Lubek Dining Table & Bench

The Lubek Collection

Minimal sensibility with industrial style. This one-big-happy-family-sized collection keeps you close to the ones that know you most.

The Murrel Collection

With plush weather-resistant cushions and a faux wicker frame, this oversized collection has “shady siesta” woven right into it.
Murrel Sectional & Ottoman
Murrel Sectional & Ottoman

Explore Outdoor Living

It’s not that you should spend less time on the sofa indoors. It’s that with these ridiculously stylish outdoor living sets, you won’t need to.
Burkel Sofa
Burkel Sofa

The Burkel Collection

You see a patio set. Your kid sees a jungle gym. With abrasion-resistant fabric, you don’t see a problem.

The Capra Collection

This faux-banana leaf collection will transport you to your private island. Provided there are adult beverages involved. No judgment.
Capra Sofa & Nivos Coffee Table
Capra Sofa & Nivos Coffee Table