Willis Insignia Blue Small Outdoor Pillow


Last Chance

Online the pillow looks bright. In real life it’s dark. Also scratchy. I’m returning if I can find out how. Cannot recommend though I think this item is not the...  More
Sarah S.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Tonawanda, NY

Response From Article

Hi Sarah. We're terribly sorry to hear the Willis Pillow did not arrive according to your expectations. Looks like our Customer Care team resolved this right aw...  More
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This is a totally different textile than what's pictured! What I received is a chunky knit that looks nothing like the product shots. I wouldn't have bought it ...  More
Thumbnail of Willis Insignia Blue Large Outdoor Pillow provided by Gillian - 1 of 1.
Gillian B.
Verified Owner
11 months ago - Toronto, ON

Response From Article

Hi Gillian, we're sorry to hear that the Willis Pillow did not arrive up to expectations. It looks like someone from our Care team has already been in touch to ...  More
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