Oslo Charcoal Floor Lamp


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Low to the ground. Might work as a reading lamp but does not light up a room  
Robyn N.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Boston, MA
This item is charcoal. Not black. Ignore the photo. Ignore the product description. Look at the very small print at the top of the page.  
Thumbnail of Oslo Charcoal Floor Lamp provided by Julie - 1 of 1.
Julie B.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Rochester, NY

Response From Article

Hi Julie, sorry the lamp did not show up as you expected, but this is great feedback thank-you. The team are updating the color name to Charcoal to more accurat...  More
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Exceeded expectations! 
Kristen F.
Verified Owner
9 months ago - Mountain Lakes, NJ
Color is a lt greenish gold, not a warm gold… Small cuffs/scratches here and there. STRONG HORRENDOUS SMOKE ODOR at the felt base. Good reading lamp - light up ...  More
Thumbnail of Oslo Brass Floor Lamp provided by Jess - 1 of 2.
Thumbnail of Oslo Brass Floor Lamp provided by Jess - 2 of 2.
Jess J.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - Montreal, QC
Kerri S.
Verified Owner
3 months ago - New York, NY
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