Saba Boulevard White Queen Headboard


We purchased the queen headboard for our king bed because we wanted the standard look vs what would be most of the wall with the king, since we don’t have the s...  More
Thumbnail of Saba Soft White Queen Headboard provided by Jordan - 1 of 1.
Jordan H.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - St. Louis, MO
I feel special in my new bed  
Gladys G.
Verified Owner
3 months ago - Renton, WA
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At 108" it allowed us to use this one headboard for our two full-sized beds that are side by side. Why two double beds? We liked the split king concept but afte...  More
Thumbnail of Saba Boulevard White King Headboard provided by Jeff - 1 of 1.
Jeff M.
Verified Owner
1 month ago - Sallisaw, OK
I cannot get over what a good deal this is! The headboard is very heavy, however it’s sturdy, great fabric and has a nice simple flat welt that makes my room lo...  More
Tess N.
Verified Owner
8 months ago - Los Angeles, CA
Brian J.
Verified Owner
1 year ago - Saint Petersburg, FL

Response From Article

Hi Brian, We're sorry to hear that the Saba Headboard isn't living up to expectations. As you are still within your 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you are still...  More
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