Laholm Dravite Ivory Loveseat


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This sofa is a great addition to our small covered patio. Love the style! Even though it's a loveseat, my partner, who is 6ft tall has already enjoyed naps on...  More
Kim N.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - Camas, WA
Love it, will be going inside in the winter 
Thumbnail of Laholm Sea Black Loveseat provided by Kim - 1 of 1.
Kim B.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - Aptos, CA
Do not purchase this until Article figures out the hardware issues! Instructions do not match materials provided, and the screws are too long to assemble the fu...  More
Erin C.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - Phoenix, AZ

Response From Article

Hello Erin. We're sorry to hear about your experience assembling your Laholm loveseat. This doesn’t sound up to the standards we set for ourselves or our produc...  More
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