Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Queen Sized Bed Frames

The phrase “sleep like a queen” should be updated, as most fictional queens do not seem to be getting the rest they would need. Too much moral quandary. Of course, until the day that specific idiom is rolled on back, we’re still going to make regal nods to “sleeping like a queen,” and then equate it to the luxury that is our collection of queen bed frames. Perfectly sized for two people and one respectful pet, queen bed frames are the best way to inject style and personality into the place you most need to be peaceful. We’ve rounded up some of our top queen bed frame styles, just for you. Modern Queen Bed Frames Clean lines, a simple palette, fun touches — these are the ingredients of a truly modern bed frame. A modern queen bed frame makes your room feel calm, quiet, and subtly stylish. We love the Tessu frame — an upholstered bed frame available in a light and dark grey. It’s the kind of bed frame that makes everything on top of it look a little more pulled together. Plus, the Tessu queen bed frame is lightly padded and plush to the touch: great for kiddos climbing into bed — less great for cats. Basi Queen Bed Frames Sometimes you don’t need a headboard. If you like your bedroom space to be super minimal, consider forgoing a headboard and instead using a chic but subtle base queen bed frame. Our Basi frame is pulled together and professional looking, while still allowing for that lovely white space where other people think your headboard should go. Alternatively, you can choose from our collection of free-standing headboards, or create your very own version out of something in your home. Fold screen, anyone? Shaker Queen Bed Frames Shaker style is the quiet bread and butter of American design. Often referred to as the “original minimalists,” Shaker style is defined by clean lines and no fiddly adornments. Their most popular shapes tended to be turned spindles, pegs for hanging, and ladder-backed chairs. The Shakers had a very function-forward approach to design, which translated nicely to modern styles. They also tended towards making their pieces out of wood: durable, stylish, and light enough to move easily. It’s no coincidence that our Culla styles evoke the traditional stylings of the original modernists. Rustic Queen Bed Frames You weren’t raised in a barn, but you would like to sleep in a chic one. We understand that specific proclivity. Rustic bed frames give your sleeping space an undone, relaxed feeling. Wire-brushed planks of wood, touches of steel, and rumpled linens come together to build a bedroom that is irresistible but doesn’t try too hard. Fairly priced and attractive furniture in the streets, illegally sexy with sheets. While we stand by our debunking of a queens’ purported sleeping habits, we do believe that your bed should be your kingdom. Rule it generously, with soft linens and plenty of pillows, and your kingdom will love you back.

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