Sven 88" Tufted Leather Sofa - Charme Chocolat


Sturdy, soft leather, and well designed. Did not disappoint. Looking forward to years with this sofa. Would definitely consider getting more furniture from Article.  
Thumbnail of Sven 88" Tufted Leather Sofa - Charme Chocolat provided by Naomi - 1 of 1.
Naomi L.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Indianapolis, IN
Couch was immediately comfortable and very rich color and texture. No bad smells, just soft smooth leather. Has worn in very well without any issues at all.  
Thumbnail of Sven Charme Chocolat Sofa provided by Andrew - 1 of 1.
Andrew A.
Verified Owner
7 months ago - Avon, IN
Perfect couch! Impressive quality of leather and the style is copied a lot but not as good looking 
Noni K.
Verified Owner
10 months ago - San Diego, CA
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