Sede Mist Gray Walnut Dining Chair


Cute and durable, great quality! 
Verified Owner
4 months ago - Miami Beach, FL
Great looking chairs. The seat was a bit firm initially but it gets softer as there is more usage. Overall the chair is ergonomically suited for sitting in it ...  More
Elaine Y.
Verified Owner
5 months ago - Flushing, NY
We love the design and comfort of these chairs. They hold up well to children leaning back on two legs and are very sturdy. The fabric is still in great conditi...  More
Jenny C.
Verified Owner
11 months ago - Clinton, MS
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The No-Nook Bundle

Find yourself craving a breakfast nook, but lack the essential "nook" in which to make that happen? This is the bundle for you. The 47" Seno packs an efficient punch: a great space for breakfast, yes, but also for homework, chatting on the phone, or an afternoon pick-me-up. Surrounded by cozily upholstered Sede chairs, this bundle manages to be inviting without taking up too much space.
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