Emmer Oak Dining Table for 6


Delivery and unboxing all done with ease & efficiency. 
Carolyn V.
Verified Owner
1 day ago - Pompano Beach, FL
Very Happy with my purchase. Love the Design. Great Value for real wood. 
Constance M.
Verified Owner
2 weeks ago - Seattle, WA
Excellent table in every regard. 
Thumbnail of Emmer Oak Dining Table for 6 provided by James - 1 of 1.
James F.
Verified Owner
2 months ago - New York, NY
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The Spacious Table Bundle

When we say "keep it light" this is what we mean: the Emmer and the Fonra, together in your dining space. Both built from solid wood, this table-and-chairs set works beautifully together because they establish a nice foundation for dinner without adding a lot of visual weight. .
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