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Investing in Good Furniture

Buying new furniture is adult, middle-class “making it”. Your house looks better, you’re more comfy, and you’re set up for twenty-plus years of a good furniture decision. As you layout your ideal space, key furniture pieces will tie your decor together and bring style and functionality to your space. Investing is not always super fun, but investing in furniture? Pretty fun.

Are You Ready to Invest?

Depending on your living situation, you might be chomping at the decorating bit, or happily chilling on a couch you found on the sidewalk. We’ve put together a few tips for determining your investment readiness.

Build a Decor Vision.

Before you add-to-cart, it’s important to know how you want the space to feel. Maybe it’s a modern spin on mid-century cool like this living room, or a feminine-chic bedroom with vintage charm. The centrepiece of the room will set the tone for your space, and offer a reference for the rest of your decor. Invest in an anchor piece, like a couch or large rug, echo the color scheme with accessories and accents.

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Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Trend.

Unlike buying a new car, where the resale value decreases as soon as you drive away from the dealership, quality furniture retains its value. When purchasing furniture for you home, it’s best to invest in a piece once and maintain it for years to come. That often means choosing more clean or classic designs as your anchoring piece, and saving trends for lower price-point accessories.


You’re Committed to Your Space.

Moving is terrible, difficult, and hard on your furniture and your heart. If you’re planning to invest in your space, you want to make sure it’s a space you’re going to be with for a while. Whether you’re renting long-term, own your own space, or are moving in with your significant other, get to know your space before you start to decorate it.

Your home is an extension of yourself. Your space should reflect your own style, not your aunt’s commitment to corduroy upholstery.

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