Meet a Particle: Amy - Articulate

Meet a Particle: Amy

Sitting on comfy articles is only part of the job. These are the stories of the people at Article (Particles, if you will) and the adventurous lives they lead.

Amy is an amateur chef.

She’s also a customer care supervisor at Article. She loves helping Article customers every chance she can, but she also loves experimenting with new cooking techniques. If she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll most definitely find her exploring hiking trails in beautiful British Columbia, taking in a yoga class, or knocking back a glass or two of wine.

Amy’s favorite article?

“I have the Sven sofa in Oxford Gray and my love for that piece is unwavering,” she says. “But I’d also kill for the Embrace Mercury Blue chair. The pop of color is amazing, and it’s just oh-so comfortable!”

Amy says her home decor style is homey-chic. “Is that even a style?” she laughs. Her home is filled with succulents scattered around, a cowhide rug, a farmhouse inspired kitchen table, and a ton of fridge magnets she’s collected as mementos from vacations.

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