This product has been retired

The Lagora Washed Oak Dining Set is no longer available. Check out some similar options below.


Dining Tables

Dining Tables

Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Outdoor Patio Tables

An outdoor dinner party with the elegance of an indoor soirée? Article’s stylish array of modern outdoor dining tables are capable of that kind of entertaining alchemy. So if you’re looking to change the feel of your patio, you’ve got options. And hey, coincidentally enough, they’re all right here.

Wondering where to start your browsing? It might be best to begin with the big picture first. As in a big modern outdoor tables, the ones that can seat up to 8 people (sometimes even more) — those are a big ol’ picture of good times, amiright? Then work your way down from there. Six to eight, four to six, and three to four-seaters abound for whatever seating capacity you may need. Once you spot something that’s the right size for your space (and shape, we have rectangular and round tables to scroll through), it’s time to talk about material.