This product has been retired

The Corvos Saffron Red Modular Sofa is no longer available. Check out some similar options below.


Modular Sofas

Modular Sofas

Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Outdoor Modular Sofas + Couches

As a human living on the earth, you’ve probably realized by now that outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes. There are giant poolside patios, backyard postage stamp greenspaces, and tiny 1970s-style balconies. With no standardized shape, it can be hard to find outdoor furniture that works for your space. That’s where modern modular outdoor sofas come in.

With mid century outdoor modular sofas, you can play around and find a configuration that works for your outdoor space — regardless of shape and size. Get the most out of your tiny apartment balcony with one or two sections of a contemporary modular outdoor sofa. Add to your collection when you move onto that lakeside acreage you’ve been dreaming about.