Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Small Dining Tables

Not every dinner will be a long table feast. Sometimes, you are having a small table dinner. And for that, you’ll need a small dining table. You might also need a small dining table if you live in a small space, or aren’t big on hosting. Maybe you like to have a small dining table for week days, but break out your feasting table on the weekend. Whatever your personal reasons for needing a small dining table, we’re here to support you. Read on to learn more about our different options. Small Marble Topped Dining Tables A marble topped table positively screams elegance. Your room goes from being a one room apartment close to all transit to a wing of the gosh dang Louvré. Marble is a naturally occurring stone, so every slab looks a little different. Some are heavily veined, some are lightly patterned — the beauty of marble is that you can never predict what you’re going to get. It’s also a fairly porous material: if you are a raucous party haver, mind the red wine. Marble will soak up stains quickly: best to use a tablecloth. Small Wooden Dining Tables Hardy, versatile, stylish: a wooden dining table transitions between “farmhouse chic” and “miod-century modern” with the flick of a few accessories. Simple to care for, a wooden small dining table is a great option for renters, or people that just enjoy moving. Relatively light, simple to store (hint: use blankets to prevent scratching), and easy to oil back to its original glory, a wooden small dining table is kind of an everyman’s table, but with more panache. Small Round Dining Tables Round dining tables are great for irregularly shaped or small spaces. The rounded corners make it easy to navigate around the table, and the easy shape looks gentle and accommodating in tight quarters. Also fun? Our collection of round small dining tables run the gamut of available styles and colors. Marble, walnut, glass, even concrete — you can find what you’re looking for right here. Notes on Visual Weight What is visual weight, you ask? It’s the way that a product reads to our eye in a space. Does it feel proportional to the space that it’s in? One more factor: the style of the room will also determine whether a piece feels heavy or light. For example: if you’re trying to pick a small dining table to go in a white room with lots of windows, consider the effect you want that table to have on the space. Is it the center of attention? Something chunky with pronounced materials — like a blocked wire-brushed wooden table — will have the effect you’re looking for. Looking for something a bit more subtle and subdued? Try something in a lighter palette with slim legs. No matter what kind of table you choose, our selection makes it easy to find the piece that’s perfect for your space. Small dining tables should be fun to shop for: our selection makes it so.

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