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Whether you’re getting dressed up in the morning or taking it all off at night, leaving your clothing strewn around the room is an undisputed home design faux pas. Sure, clutter is bound to creep in from time to time, but if you’re looking for a way to organize your bedroom space while making a style statement, modern dressers are just what the decoration doctor ordered. Article's collection of mid-century modern dressers will help you keep your fashion statements secure while offering the perfect spot to display some eye-catching decor.

Article's modern dressers typically come in two different formats. A vertically oriented dresser is just the ticket when you need something that will fit snugly into smaller spaces or maximalist design schemes. A petite upright dresser is the right choice if you’re in need of that extra bit of storage space to house your novelty sock collection or hide the kids’ birthday presents. Meanwhile, longer horizontal dresser options can act as a centerpiece in your room while providing ample storage space for your items. A longer dresser can also double as a display area for some snazzy art or a television stand for movie nights in bed.