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The Svelti Poppy Red Dining Chair is no longer available. Check out some similar options below.


Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

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Article's modern dining chairs are the perfect blend of stylish and functional. They work for everyone in your family and add some contemporary beauty to your home, all while being a necessity for when it’s time to eat, drink, and assemble for game night. So gather ‘round, as our collection of modern dining chairs at Article are ready and waiting to join you and the crew for dinner.

A good-looking home exudes personality, and mid-century modern dining chairs have that in spades. Article's variety alone is worth the price of admission when it comes to finding chairs that fit seamlessly into your space. Whether you like comfy and cushy, arm rests or none, the modern dining chair experience is what you make of it. For the ambitious host who realizes they may have invited more people than there are chairs, sleek benches are another solution for modern seating that invites the whole gang to sit down and stay a while.